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We offer both standard and customized courses that teach the use and maintenance of our products.

Below you will find available classroom courses as well as eLearning modules for the Kongsberg Digital products.

Our approach

We provide customized courses. These are created to meet specific customer training requirements. They may be designed uniquely or tailored from an existing course and presented at a location of your choice.

Our capability

Learning objectives and topics to be studied are developed to ensure knowledge and practical skills gained are operationally relevant and immediately applicable in the work environment.

If you are unable to find a suitable standard course that meets your needs, a customized course may be the right option for you.  In order to find a good solution for you and for more information, please contact us on

If you have forgotten your password, and do not get the reset emails from the system, then notify us using the email above to get it reset.

User Requests

If your company do not have an agreement with Kongsberg Digital, please contact us on Note that for user requests we only approve company email, hence you will not be able to use gmail, hotmail, yahoo or similar.

Available classroom courses: