Maximize production for life of field

KONGSBERG makes integrated systems from sophisticated process dynamic-simulation tools and advanced transient multiphase simulators for wells and pipelines.

We build on these integrated layers of analysis to provide operator warning and advisory systems that ensure safe and robust production, backed by a proven track record of delivery and innovation earned over years of experience.

Whether implemented separately or as an integrated system, our solutions range from standalone engineering tools for flow assurance and process design to operating training systems, production management, and Overall Flow Metering System OFMS.


  • Enhance return on investment: Shorten commissioning times and optimise operating procedures such as well start-up and shut-down time with minimal use of chemicals and inhibitors
  • Ensure the right level of investment: Select the optimal pipeline diameter and material, hydrate control method and process equipment
  • Reduce risk: Implement effective liquid management and slugging avoidance, quick detection and localisation of leaks, warnings of wax and hydrate formation conditions, and estimations of erosion and corrosion rates
  • Improve performance: Access tested commissioning and operation procedures
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