Dynamic process simulation

Dynamic process and multiphase flow simulations for production systems increase safety, reduce costs, and save time

Dynamic process simulation helps prepare for plant start-up and optimal operation and improves efficiency in all project phases, reducing cost and saving time.

The KONGSBERG lifecycle concept is a powerful solution for detailed design and verification of processes and control systems throughout all phases of oil and gas field development. Lifecycle simulation gives you testing opportunities before installation to support smooth startup.

A set of products within the Production Assurance family that directly benefit day-to-day operations are available in the Real-time Production Assurance domain. Real-time Production Assurance products are specifically aimed at performing 24/7 dynamic simulation models in real-time alongside the field production operations. The use of a real-time simulation model gives you a wide range of critical information for production assurance throughout the operational life of the field. 

The benefits of our K-SpiceĀ® solutions for production assurance include:

  • Shorter project schedules
  • Increased learning opportunities
  • Improved safety
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced costs

Our success can be measured by the more than 300 dynamic simulation studies, 100 customised Operator Training Simulators, and 20 real-time production assurance solutions we have provided for major oil and gas operators worldwide.
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